• Welcome to Lead Tiller

    The only CRM exclusively designed for FUTURES and OPTIONS traders.

  • Our Cloud Technology

    addresses NFA Compliance Rules 2-9, 2-36 and 2-49

  • The Next Generation CRM

    We've merged Market Data, Communication Tools, Secure Document Management, and Data Validation into a single platform

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Your electronic data security is our top priority.

Lead Tiller is changing the expectations of how a CRM should function.

Designed to be fast and intuitive, Lead Tiller not only provides advanced solutions to drive and manage the sales process in a single CRM application, but we deploy a full suite of data security measures from two factor authentication to database level encryption on sensitive data.

  • Mobile

    Lead Tiller was designed from the ground up to give you equal access to your data from any device, including your mobile phone or tablet. Execute calls, emails and more on the go as if you were sitting at your desk in the office. No need to download another app for CRM access.

  • LT Portal - The Secure Document Exchange

    You need secure access to your clients’ documents. The LT Portal provides an intuitive and secure platform where you can request specific documents from your clients and they can easily submit them, removing the transfer of sensitive personal and financial information from your email inbox.

  • Lead Collector

    Do you hold seminars, attend conferences, or professional expos? Our lead collection feature allows you to turn a tablet or smartphone into a mini kiosk that feeds new lead data right into your account. We didn't stop there, use the collector app to make custom web forms to embed into any website.

  • LT Dialer

    Increase your daily call volume by as much as 3x! With the LT Dialer app you never have to hang up your phone. Dial through a call list of clients or leads with lightning speed.

  • Integrated Customer Trade Data

    Lead Tiller integrates equity data directly from your FCM into the client profile. Manage multiple accounts for one client? Not a problem. A single click of the mouse and you can switch accounts and never leave the contact record. Nothing beats a quick access snapshot of your client's market position while you are on the phone with them and standing in line for your coffee!

  • Data Backup and Document Management

    Lead Tiller's advanced data backup include both onsite and offsite backups to ensure the preservation of your data. Our data backups travel via Secure Socket Layer and are stored encrypted.