CRM Document Management

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of CRM deployment within your company pertains to document management. In today’s high paced Digital world companies both big and small have transitioned to some variety of cloud document management.  Cloud-based systems allow users to quickly and easily access and share documents and information, but they typically fall short when tracking activities associated with the documents.

CRMs on the other hand are wonderful at tracking activities but have not necessarily been the best when it comes to document management.  Many of the CRM tools available on the market provide some level of document management, but do not typically integrate well with existing services nor do they provide comprehensive document management tool themselves.  Because of this is very important to determine what type of CRM document system your organization will need. You want to answer questions such as:

Does your company need document retention, governance, and archival?

Is rapid marketing document distribution and tracking important to your company sales process?

Is secure document exchange an important component of our business operation?

Answering these types of questions can help you determine the best CRM solution for your organization.


Document Integration

Building a solid document management process takes time, commitment, and money for a business to develop, no matter the business size. It’s important that your CRM is able to seamlessly integrate with your existing document management service, add additional functionality to your current document service provider, or provide a cost effective feature rich alternative to your current system altogether. was built from the ground up to provide a comprehensive document management suite for both companies who have not yet deployed a cloud-based solution and for those who are already using existing systems such as dropbox.comGoogle Drive, and

Secure Document Portal

Many organizations such as Futures and Options Traders, Investment Advisory Firms, and Insurance Providers require a document management system that extends beyond simple document storage. In fact, these types of organization manage and distribute sensitive documents that should never be distributed via email. One of the safest ways to address this issue is the utilization of a secure document exchange that is natively integrated into your CRM system. A document portal allows employees, customers, leads, and third party organizations to securely exchange documents without the risks associated with sending them via email.

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